[nbos] Questions: How will....
Wed Oct 10th, 2007
How will D&D 4th edition electronic product affect Screen Monkey and other
products? Do you have plans for any new products that you can share?

I have been following the developments in AS 2.1, the AS 2.01b program
helped my GURPS:Space Campaign (based upon the nearest star systems that may
have planets). What I would like to know is are there plans to make it even
more stable with Vista? How do I upgrade to or do I need to purchase it
again new. If it is more stable with Vista and are their plans to
cross-reference the names from the different star catalogues. I mean it
would be useful to have this ability, particularily in the import function.
It might be built from comparing the 3-D location elements or LY distances
from three or more static locations. Just a thought from some one who is
more a typical user than a master user of your program.

Thanks in advance.


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