Re: [nbos] [AS] Sector File Sizes
"NBOS Support"
Tue Oct 9th, 2007
> I have a sector file which reports its file size as 62.7 MB however when I
> resaved it under another name the new sector file size was 18.6 MB. Both
> files seem to work fine and I have not found any evidence of corrupted or
> missing data. Is it perhaps resaving under another name caused the file to
> "clean itself up"?

Yes - thats exactly what happens.

When you delete or edit a body, it causes the program to mark the original
record in the sector file as 'deleted' (creating a new one for the body at
the end of the file if you are editing). When you save-as, the program
only copies over the active records in the file, skipping the deleted
ones. Its similar in a lot of ways to the way many databases structure
their files.

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