Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
NBOS Support
Tue Oct 9th, 2007
At 07:01 AM 10/8/2007, you wrote:
>I raised this, together with improved search facilities (e.g. search by
>spectral type) several months back. I can't recall, now, what the response
>was but I seem to remember there were technical reasons why it couldn't be
>done. Perhaps Ed could remind us?

For simple searching, there's nothing preventing it on a technical basis -
its just adding a field.

For the larger topic of enhanced searching, and in conjunction, mass
editing, things would be more involved. In order for such a system to
really be useful it'd need to handle at least some type of
complex/conditional searching (find all habitable planets with a
population > 10 million and set the political affiliation to X). Its
certainly possible - it'd just require quite a significant bit of
programming time.


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