Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
Sam Orton
Sun Oct 7th, 2007
I dunno about anyone else, but what would help me the most in my project would be the ability to mass edit objects based on spectral type, luminosity, or user added fields (i.e, primary species). I'm sure other folks here can think of other fields they'd like to be able to sort and edit by.
And really... during play, there are a lot of features that can help a GM put his players deeper into the setting.... but when *creating* that setting, involving tens or hundreds of thousands of objects.... I don't see what could be of more immediate use than versatility in the mass edit feature.


P.S. Gotta admit, the ability to 'parent/child' additional fields, such as being able to make species a subfield of political affiliation... I like that idea, that would help things a lot.

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