Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
"Mike Oliver"
Fri Oct 5th, 2007
Definitely, David. It is taking AS into a new area in some ways but
seems a natural development, particularly using the atmospheric aspects
you mention. If the programming implications are problematic, it would
be a great new software project especially if it could take parameters
from and pass them to AS.


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Subject: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1

I am using AS2 in conjunction with a multitude of other softwares to
develop a mMORTSG (mini Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game) and
had some sudden thoughts last night:

"What if:"

-AS allowed creation of 'Civilizations or Races'
-Civs/Races could either be Parents or Children of 'Political
-Civs/Races have specific requirements to be met in order for a planet
to be 'habitable' for them (aka, Atmo make up, Gravity tolerances, etc)
-Enable a 'Terraform' function that accepts Civ/Race and a % (1-100)
that would alter a Planet/Moon. Example: Regei IV has an atmosphere
content of 45% CO2, 30%N2, 5%Ar and 20% O2. A Race is selected that
requires <10% CO2 and > 40% N2. Terraforming % is set to 75%. This
wold change the atmospheric make up to about 19% CO2, 56% N2, 5% Ar and
20%O2 as well as the cascading changes for Mean Temp, etc, etc.

Just some ideas that would be very useful to me... anyone else?

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