Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
Thu Oct 4th, 2007
Greetings all,

Just to throw my 2 cents into this pool....

I haven't bought the software yet but I will once I get players and campaign started that can use this wonderful application.

But I too..was mostly drawn to this app because of one feature.. XML

I do XML -> XSL-FO -> PDF publishing professionally and my thinking was I could use this XML and produce a star chart book or it were...

So, publishing results is feature that I would love to have...I realize the effort it would require but the app currently does SO much on its own as it is..But for a RPG tool
print is important.


David White
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From: Sam Orton
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Subject: Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1

When I throw out a suggestion for something as I've been doing, please keep in mind that I've been making suggestions for AS >>>>2.1<<<<, not 3.0.

I've been limiting myself to suggestions for things where it at least *appears* that the coding is already in the program, you're just making new calls on it. As in the case of multiple star system displays around system barycenter, sometimes I'm way off base and it would be a major rewrite. Save those for 3.0 or later, a lot of people's computers couldn't run it in a reasonable time frame right now anyway. Mine couldn't, not at the scale I want to have available.

What I'm trying to do is pick out things that are already there and say, "Oooo... that's cool... since you already have it doing that, can you call it from over here to do *this* too?"

Does that make this stuff any clearer?


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