Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
"Mike Oliver"
Thu Oct 4th, 2007
OK, Sam, your desires and hopes are a lot clearer now. However, putting
in orbital parameters as a user is the simple part; programming the
calculations algorithm to show these orbits accurately is probably quite
complex. Although, if it's only for one system at a time rather than all
the systems in a sector, that might be feasible - we'd need to ask the

I'm getting the impression that, if enough of us call out for the
display augmentation, we might persuade NBOS it's something worth their
while. I'd certainly buy it.

Maybe Ed could do a poll on the forum?


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Mike Oliver <> wrote:
I think you may be expecting a bit much of the program. Its main purpose
is to provide users with a means of generating a galactic sector and its
entire contents. I believe the graphic displays are intended as a means
of showing players the general layout of a star system and the planetary
systems within it. I view of the distances involved, I think trying to
show the star system together with all the planetary and satellite
bodies within it would prodice such a visual muddle that it would defeat
the object.

Oh no, I wasn't trying for all levels at once. Even if you could show it
in a fashion that would be useful, I know for a fact the computer *I'm*
using couldn't run it. No, I was suggesting single level displays, just
like you have now. Only instead of being just parent planet/child
satellites or parent star/child planets, I was hoping to include
multiples and close multiples in that. Sounds comparatively simple,
until you start realizing that the fact there's an empty spot in the
center of the system changes *everything* in the calculations.

What I was actually *hoping* for was to be able to give the program the
basic orbital elements and have it display something fairly near the
level of the Java applet shown on this link:

That applet is ChView2, btw. I'm trying to figure out how to define
barycenters in that, but having little luck so far. Then again, I don't
claim to be a programmer either. I was close enough to be able to come
up with a quick and dirty test of a Navy mainframe, but I've never been
able to make a computer sit up and beg like the guys who write this
stuff for a living.


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