Re: [nbos] [AS] AlienAPI question
"Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
Wed Oct 3rd, 2007
Hi Mike,

Dave was using programmer-speak. "Programmatically" meaning "in a program or
script". In other words, he's wondering if there is an API call he can use
in a script to allow that script to dump out a png or jpg file of the system

I wish I could help him, but I haven't messed with writing scripts for AS at
all, so I have no idea if this is possible.



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Subject: Re: [nbos] [AS] AlienAPI question


Yes. When you have the chosen system displayed, click File>Export as Graphic
and a dialog appears that allows you to specify the file name, directory
path and file type to save the display. I just checked out that it works and
it does.


Mike <>

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Subject: [nbos] [AS] AlienAPI question


Haven't found a way, but is there routines for programmaticlly saving
.png/.jpg's of the system view?

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