Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Oct 3rd, 2007

I think there is a growing interest in further development of the
graphic display facility. Certainly I have wished for a "little more"
when using it. For example, the facility to zoom-in to a planet or
satellite and get a picture of the body rotating serenely in space with
its surface features visible.

I'm not too worried about orbital accuracies but it's nice to be able to
show players what their viewscreens might show of the system or world
their ship is approaching.

Maybe there's a case for having a stand-alone prog that can accept data
from AS and offer more sophisticated visuals?

Definitely the ability to show multiple systems graphically is
important. When I did the Star Trek map, I wanted to show the Vulcan
system accurately but could not because the AS graphic display did not
offer the appropriate facilities. This was much the same situation as a
multiple star system but relating to two planets orbiting a barycentre
which itself orbited the primary. I don't know if this is astronomically
feasible but it's what the ST designers suggest.



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> Don't worry, there are more than a few of us! Unfortunately, the
>equations for those situations makes it very difficult to have a
>equation to handle these situations as well as the more complex

Heck, I'm not even sure there *are* equations for such things.
of objects in elliptical orbits are calculated mathematically. ie,
routines that are called iteratively.

The problem with tracking multiple star orbits is that, while for 2
its generally stable (at least with regard to the stars themselves - the

planets might be screwed), with 3 or more there's no guarantee a
orbit is stable. So the generator would have to do a tremendous amount
work just finding stable (enough) orbits to use!

None of this, of course, means I wont try at some point in some future
version. It'll just be a while before I attempt it. :-)


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