Re: [nbos] [AS] Suggestions for AS 2.1
Sun Sep 30th, 2007
This has actually come up in commentary before. And it's been
addressed: Yes, the algorithm actually DOES take into consideration
the astronomical data (as much as is possible without running month
long simulations), including the gravitational influences on planets.
The scale is the largest impedance to the actual display.

~Heather, who is a dabbler in astronomy only. (Geology... that I know.)

> There is another discrepancy I'm seeing, but it is a more subtle one and may
> have to wait. That is, in a multiple system I can't see that it allows for
> the orbital properties of the primary children around the system barycenter.
> In a practical sense, the system display CANNOT be even vaguely useful in a
> system like Xi Ursae Majoris with its at least 3, possibly 5 or more stars,
> as the display doesn't seem to take into account the idea of the system
> barycenter NOT having a star centered in it.
> Sorry guys, you hooked an astronomy nut.
> Sam
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