Re: [nbos] [FWE] Fractal Geology
Sun Sep 30th, 2007
He never contacted me. You gave him my e-mail, but did not give me
his, so this hasn't gone anywhere. And yes, I am a geologist. Alas
I'm not a programmer or I would be trying to tackle this one myself,
but I plod along on mere scripting so... ;)


On 9/30/07, Mike Oliver <> wrote:
> W while back, I discussed this with Heather (T'Star) and put her in
> touch with Joe Slayton, who wrote ProFantasy's "Fractal Terrains" in the
> hopes that they might co-operate to produce a way of replicating
> tectonic plate geology in a surface generation programme (either FT or
> FEW).
> I know Heather was busy and Joe doesn't appear motivated to upgrade FT
> any time soon but I don't know if there was ever any contact between the
> two (Heather is a geologist, I believe).
> Cheers,
> Mike
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