[nbos] [AS] Population and space stations in the onboard system generator
Sam Orton
Wed Sep 19th, 2007
Is there any way to tweak the internal system contents generator so as to trend toward more or less populated planets? For example, if one is generating a starfield that has been thoroughly explored for millenia, and makes the decision that ANY habitable body will be not only populated but *densely* populated, can you tell the system generator to automatically "fill up" any habitable body it generates? It's slightly odd to come across a hospitable world, comfy temperatures, nice atmosphere, no radiation issues from the local star... with a population of 6,410. Or 8.

Also, is there any way to stop the system generator from treating space stations as planets for purposes of naming conventions? Example:

Confusion - Star, G3V


Confusion I - Terrestrial
Confusion II - Gas Giant
Confusion III - Space Station
Confusion IV - Terrestrial
Confusion V - Gas Giant

By naming the space station Confusion III, I've just misnamed the next two planets out, not to mention every one of that outer gas giant's eighteen bazillion little satellites. I'm okay with the system generator making space stations, but it would be a more effective labor saver if there was a distinction between orbital bodies created by the stellar process and orbital bodies built and added later. I assume this would also apply to megastructures, whatever those are. My best guess would be Dyson sphere/ringworld sort of things, but in such a case I'd think the problem of naming conventions would still apply, no?

Here's another disturbing thought: Has the creation of Confusion III in the above example shifted the orbital values the generator will *consider* as possible for the next body generated? In other words, has the creation of a space station in the middle of the star's "life zone" moved the terrestrial planet that was generated next *out of* the life zone? Or at least to the life zone's outer edge? I could see that making sense with an orbital megastructure perhaps, but not with a space station.

Please don't get me wrong, I have fallen in love with this program. The only flaw I'm seeing at all is a need for user definable parameters for the automatic system generator. And for all I know that feature is already there and I'm just too blind to spot it.


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