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Wed Sep 19th, 2007
After following all the directions to create a dialog box in FM8 using
GoblinAPI, nothing happened. In the same script, I added ShowMapStats() to
see if it was working; it was. I also tried making a ShowMapStats() script
with the #popmenu option but it didn't work the way it was supposed to (I
just right click and a menu should pop up w/ various script names, right?
Like the copy/cut/paste/delete that pops up in something like MS word or
excel?). I'm running Windows XP, fyi. I went to File > Configuration (I
think that was the choice) and looked at the scripts tab and whatever
scripts I saved in the FM8 script directory were included there...I tired
using both .FMScript and .vbs . Nothing I could think of make the features
I was testing work. My only conclusion is that I am doing something
wrong....or maybe these features simply don't work.

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