Re: [nbos] : [FM] FM, ASTRO et al under WINE
Tue Sep 18th, 2007
Thanks to the both of you, that is actually making the decision of Linux
quite self explanatory. Why? I'd have to get a copy of windows to run in the
background of mac... which raises the price point for a mac capable of running
the emulator by about seven hundred dollars.

I will have access to a Windows box anyway, no way I could install Linux and
run my husband's proggies on this machine and him not having a cow.


As is he relies on me for IT.

So yes, this makes it far easier

And find a fedora distro, keep my eyes peel for it on the usual suspects.

Will report how well it goes

The first mission critical app to run will actually be a small writing
proggie I own that I find invaluable... but it is a much smaller application than
any of the mapping programs out there... and my thinking is... learn these
things with smaller and them move to larger.

Will report back once I get the laptop (six to eight months from now or when
the laptop finally dies, whatever happens first), for the moment printing
emails and saving for the reference needed

Thanks guys

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