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Mon Sep 17th, 2007

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ok folks, I am so unimpressed with Windows and I need to replace the laptop
in the next six to eight months, or sooner if it finally fails, how well do
any of these programs work under emulation?

Last night I downloaded this_CodeWeavers - Your Home for Windows
Compatibility on Mac and Linux_ (
into my dying laptop and ran it with a small writing program I have. The
program froze, aka the win program, but I think I know why... can anybody say
100% Chip usage? And close to 90% RAM?

This is truly WINE for dummies and I am looking at buying either an intel
machine and just formatting C and loading Ubuntu, or a MAC Book

So has anybody done this?

(Yes we will still have one WIN machine in the house... my hubby's gaming
machine... but my portable needs will no longer be covered by the piece of
unadulterated you know what that Bill has given us. I have never been this down
about any OS... wow but I am tired of fighting the OS for it to work... and
don't want to repeat that in the laptop)

I forgot to mention, I was running a live distro of Ubuntu at the time

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