Re: [nbos] [FWE] Fractal Geology
Fri Sep 14th, 2007
I did actually read the page to which I linked, and I am aware of the
stipulations. I am also aware that FWE is a separate program from FM,
bundled with it as a free add-on. So, yes, incorporating GPL code would
place FWE under the GPL as well, but not FM, which is what NBOS is actually
selling. But this is all moot, as it seems there is a great deal of inertia
behind the current incarnation of FWE, and too few resources to overhaul it.
Opening up FWE to the broader community would actually solve the latter
problem, but it is of course the prerogative of NBOS to decide how best to
use its intellectual property. I am merely pointing out options.

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I think you seriously misunderstand the GPL. If you use GPL code or a
derivative in your application then you must distribute your entire
application under the GPL, which means making the entire source code tree
available on demand in a form that allows the person requesting to build and
modify the application themselves. While there's no bar against "selling",
once you've sold one copy there's no reason the purchaser can't simply give
away as many copies for free as they choose or sell copies at a lower price.

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