Re: [nbos] [FWE] Fractal Geology
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Fri Sep 14th, 2007
At 02:59 AM 9/13/2007, you wrote:
>Several weeks ago, there was a discussion on this list of the geological
>inaccuracy of fractally-generated world maps. I too noted this problem in
>both Fractal World Explorer and Fractal Terrains and hoped to see more
>realistic algorithms incorporated into future releases of these products,
>but they never came.

In order to go much farther with FWE, the program would need to be totally
redesigned and rewritten. Thats just not something I'll be able to do any
time over the next couple of years. I've done plate tectonic simulations
in the past with FWE (the thought _had_ occured to me ;-) ), and the
results just werent that great because the terrain engine in its current
state is limited in its precision and by the way its data is stored. Also,
the results werent necessarily any better, aesthetically, than the general
fractal algorithms.


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