Re: [nbos] [AS2] Multiple-Star System Maps
Thu Sep 6th, 2007
As far as I know (and I have the full version) Astrosynthesis doesn't
do that. As I understand it the reason is entirely for scale. (The
same reason they don't show moons when you're looking at the planetary
orbit view.) The planets are deliberately kept out of scale or they
would never be seen either.

When you're talking a multiple star system (even a close multiple)
there are millions of miles between the stars involved. Distant
multiples are much, much farther apart. They are far enough apart for
planetary orbits of 15 million kilometers or so to fall BETWEEN stars.
Add a second star farther out than Pluto to the system, and display
it's contents... you've just doubled your display area. Then add 2 or
3 more stars at similar intervals you start having to zoom back so far
you can't see the individual orbits of the planets. (That still
happens with interior planets as is.


On 9/6/07, Spectre <> wrote:
> I was looking around on the internet for a space mapping program and found
> Astrosynthesis. It looks like pretty much what I'm looking for, so I
> downloaded the demo. I was playing around it, mapping some of the things I
> would need so I could see how it would look. It wasn't long before I found a
> problem.
> I was making a system with two stars and when I was viewing it I could only
> see one stars (and it's planets, etc.) at a time. What I want is too be able
> to see both stars and their respective planetary orbits, etc., on the same
> screen.
> Seeing as I only downloaded the demo yesterday, I may have missed something,
> but I was hoping someone could tell me whether I would be able to do that.
> It's currently the only thing making me hesitate to buy Astrosynthesis.
> Thanks in advance.
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