Re: [nbos] Question: Where is Technical Support?
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Sep 3rd, 2007
NBOS are excellent in providing support for their software. If you need
assistance with a "how do I?" type of question, this is the place to
come and, if it's more technical or relates to problems with installing
or running the software, then NBOS Support is available through the

I'm not the right person to help with the GoblinAPI but there is bound
to be somebody along any minute who can help.


Mike <>

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Subject: [nbos] Question: Where is Technical Support?

Most software developers at least provide a technical support forum for
their product, but it seems difficult or impossible to find for FM8. My
problem relates to using the GoblinAPI, if anyone could please direct me
to a troubleshooting page or a forum where problems are discussed, I
would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!

Esteban Warren,
Estudiante de Ingieneria,
Perdedor Extraordinario,
No Soy Ardilla.

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