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Fri Aug 31st, 2007
At 12:52 PM 8/30/2007, you wrote:
>(Yes folks, I am still lurking around the Fringes of
>NBOS Space. Homeschooling 5-year olds has eaten my

lol, yeah, I had noticed you havent been around

>If the wiki core you chose supports RSS feeds, then
>that would be a way for people to "subscribe" to

Well, the wiki core itself is homebrew. I did though integrate a nice open
source wysiwyg editor. That makes editing easier than trying to use
bbcode/wikicode, and includes inline image handling & uploading, tables,
bullet points, etc. Actually, I spent more time tweaking the editor than
anything else, especially since I tried a few different editors before
settling on one (fckeditor).

I can probably add RSS feed subscriptions at some point - I've done that
for other sites in the past.


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