Re: [nbos] NBOS Wiki
Exile In Paradise
Thu Aug 30th, 2007
On Thu, 2007-08-30 at 03:38 -0400, NBOS Support wrote:
> Hi All,
> I added in a basic wiki to nox. Anyone logged into nox
> can edit pages on it. It includes a nice wysiwyg editor
> & image uploading. Feel free to test it out :-)

(Yes folks, I am still lurking around the Fringes of
NBOS Space. Homeschooling 5-year olds has eaten my

This is great news!
If the wiki core you chose supports RSS feeds, then
that would be a way for people to "subscribe" to
pages of interest, and get notifications of updates
to them, rather than spamming email to the entire
list for every page update.

If your wiki core does not support RSS, you might
consider a future upgrade to DokuWiki from

It supports page subscriptions and RSS feeds, integrates
well with other CMS/portal sites, uses plain-text files
for wiki storage, supports users and ACLs, with
authentication from various sources like MySQL or LDAP,
and image/media uploading. It also supports an open-ended
plugin architecture that makes it very easy to add lots
of interesting features (like Blog capability, word clouds,
and more) quickly and painlessly.

Just some stuff to consider... I know website tweaking
can be a vast time sink that takes away from AS3 coding...

Regardless, it is great to see the wiki up there.
I am being threatened with a new Traveller game, so I may
have cause to dive back into unknown spaces. If something
comes up worth saying, I will be sure to contribute to
the wiki.

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