Re: [nbos] [AS] How could I use the next XML file? and some more questions...
Daniel Williamson
Sat Aug 25th, 2007

My first pass at my game universe was done using CHView. That application either has a csv export function or the data files are text. Either way you can convert them into a csv format compatible with AS2.0. You will probably want to use a script that you have written to do it. The csv format is in the help file. I think the csv import function is in the File menu.



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I've started to use AS-2 just a couple of weeks ago. I've found that we can
import/export XML files and convert them into starmaps, right? Well, I found
the next file in the web-address
(very interesting stuff for Dune's saga fans and SF followers, in general).
I've converted that file into XML (and CVS, even), but it seems there's
something wrong with it 'cause, when I apply the "Import XML" plug-in and
it's done, there's a message which says something like "no sector entry
found". What does this means? How could I fix it? May anyone here convert
that file and post it here, in order that we fans of AS could enjoy it? I
believe the author of the original works made great job (Mr. Andrew Hobson,
based on a text of Mr. Joseph Daniels; both are worthy to credit and respect
for that work).

A couple of more things: 1) since some time ago, I used other starmap makers
like "It's full of Stars!" (very cool) or CHView (a classic one). Is there
any way to convert the maps of those programs for using them on AS-2? Any
hint, please?

2) Has anyone here created (or is on the work) a map for the galaxy of Star
Wars universe for AS-2? On case, could it be posted here (or some link to

Thanks for your help!
Greetings from Spain

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