Re: [nbos] [FM & AS] anyway to get FM8 or AS2 to run undwer win2000
NBOS Support
Thu Aug 23rd, 2007

I should have a win2k friendly build of FM8 by the end of the weekend. I
talked to a number of people at the con (and previously via email) who were
still running win2k, so I figured I'd try to find whats going on there. I
fired up VPC tonight and installed win2k on it, and identified and created
a workaround to what was causing that kernel32 message. Give me a few days
to ensure that the change didnt introduce other problems, and I'll post the
.exe for you to try.


At 05:16 PM 8/22/2007, you wrote:
>I have no intention of installing xp or vista, and I forgot to check the
>system requirements before I purchased. So now I have FM8 & AS2 and I
>can't use them.
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