[nbos] Cobblestone Fills for CC3 and FM8
"Mark Oliva"
Tue Aug 21st, 2007
Recently, we needed some bitmap fills for cobblestones. Although there's some great artwork for this purpose already available with DD3 and FM8, it still looked a bit artificial for our purposes. So we've made sets of cobblestone fills that were developed from digital photos of six different cobblestone styles we found here in Europe, in Prichsenstadt in Bavarian Lower Franconia. Seeing that we've made them, we'll pass them on free to anyone else who can use them.

FM8 users should create a new folder under the following:

X: (Drive where FM8 is inszalled)

and unzip the file into this folder. This is necessary to bring the fill style into the fill style menu!

CC3 users can create a new folder anywhere they wish (but don't forget where it is and what you've named it) and unzip the file into that folder.

These are the download addresses:

http://www.vintyri.com/fm8cobblestone.zip (2.1 MB)

http://www.vintyri.com/cc3cobblestone.zip (27.5 MB)

These files are not available from menus on our web site, so if you want them or think you might in the future, bookmark them now.

Mark Oliva
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