[nbos] CC3 PNG symbols in FM8
"Mark Oliva"
Tue Aug 21st, 2007
As I mentioned before, our project group is testing both Campaign Cartographer 3 and Fractal Mapper 8 in our search for a mapping program for our products.

Some members of the CC3 and FM8 mailing lists have asked privately how well CC3 fills and symbols work in FM8. The short answer is ... perfectly.

Anyone who wants to see a vector PDF of an FM8 map with exclusively CC3 PNG symbols can call the following sample map:


Please understand that this is not:

1. An endorsement of either CC3 or FM8. We have not yet decided which is our preferred mapping program.

2. A master mapper's map that pulls all stops. It isn't that. Instead, it's a map made according to rather strict and somewhat unimaginative project group style rules.

This PDF is a sample map showing CC3 PNG symbols in an FM8 map - nothing more and nothing less.

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