Re: [nbos] Nbossoftware Digest, Vol 35, Issue 24
Sun Aug 19th, 2007
Ok, it actually can be done... it just cannot be done automagically.
It will require playing with things on your part. If you have things
laid out in FM8 on your whole big map, what you can do is then is make
individual sub-maps of each of your 8 square by 8 square 'rooms' and
print them separately. (Then all you have to mess with is your
resolution on the print, and "Fit to page" should handle that.)

FM8 has a handy feature 'export submap'. It's really no more work
than the JPG, PNG, etc idea... Now you'll have to be careful with
your aim, but it's very doable. I threw together an 8 square by 8
square room on a larger map, filled it with random stuff, named it,
exported said section... the grey areas surrounding it are results of
me picking just a little bit larger than the room itself. If you
really dislike them you can export to a graphics editor and crop, but
otherwise this whole process took less than 5 min... including
creating the room from scratch. ;) I forgot to turn the grid on in
the new submap which is why it's missing.

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