[nbos] [FM] Dungeon map printing
Michael Jones
Sat Aug 18th, 2007
I am working on my own RPG for younger players, and am working with the free download of FM 7 to see if it is suitable for my mapping needs.

I am keen to purchase FM 8 as it seems perfect except that I am having trouble with printing dungeon maps as I want them. (I am printing onto A4 paper.)

I would like to be able to design a dungeon with a grid (say 5ft=1in, for example), that wraps over several pages. I would end up with a map of (for example) 24 x 24 grid squares.

I need to be able to print that map out as square 8x8 dungeon tiles. I know I can print out each 8x8 section onto a page individually using the selected area option.

Is there a way to specify the size of the selected area for a continuous print so FM prints out (in the above example) 9 pages each with a 8x8 area on it?

Or with a map of 25 x 33 grid squares, get it to print 9 pages of 8x11 sized areas.

Basically I want to be able to print a map in such a way over several pages that each page has the same size area of map on it. (I used to be able to do this with the old online map creator at roleplayershome.net, but that's no longer active.)

If I can't do it in FM 7, can I do it in FM 8?

Any advice or help will be welcome. If I can sort out this problem, I'll buy FM 8 immediately!

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