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"Mike Oliver"
Sun Aug 12th, 2007
First, is your game setting in the real universe/galaxy? If so, you need
to be able to lay out your AS "sector" as a part of it. Check out the
"near stars" files available on NOX. These will identify the position of
real stars within various maximum distances from Earth. Planetary
systems are not pre-generated, although there are add-on scripts
available for doing this randomly - again on NOX.

If it's not the real universe, then you can generate a purely random
sector using AS's facilities with as many potential star systems as you

None of this helps you determine your "sector" size but the key
considerations will be your game's objectives (discovering new worlds,
civilisations, etc = lots of star systems; expanding one's own
civilisation = some detailed systems within a limited range only;
carrying on a career within an established society; etc., etc.). The
size of the developed "sector" can be increased as necessary if its
starting size proves limiting after a time, so how ever big you make the
initial environment for your games, this need not be the end of the

I would suggest around 500 stellar systems as a reasonable average for
the "sector" and expanding that to 1,000 if necessity dictates. This
would apply whether you use the real universe or a made up one. But only
a relatively small proportion needs to be finely detailed.

A lot will depend on the scope of your game plans. If you're using an
open-ended story line where your players are allowed to travel wherever
they want and you come up with a scenario "on the fly", then you need to
have a fair number of star systems prepared. Don't plot their location
before you start gaming. Choose the order in which your prepared
worlds/systems will be visited and allow your players to set off for
whatever part of space they decide they want to go and, when they
arrive, they encounter the world you have decided on. AS is fine for
accommodating this way of gaming. You don't need to have dozens of
worlds prepared. I recently ran a very enjoyable mini campaign this way.

Other group members have covered the world development aspects pretty
well but, if you get a bit stuck, see if you can obtain a copy of "World
Builders Handbook", an add-on for MegaTraveller but easily adaptable to
other game systems.

Good luck!



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In the early stages of creating a small universe as a setting for fun

How many worlds is enough?

I don't want a traveler subsector, I want a place big enough there are
always new worlds to conquer, but I want a reasonable upper limit. 500?


Also: I think the physical aspects of a planet can be described as:
Ecology (Will need subdivisions, but flora, fauna and other will not do.

That's too earth-centric)

Culture is going to be a problem. There are lots of ways to subdivide,
politics/government is going to be as important as technology, but all
cultural aspects must be dynamic.

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