Re: [nbos] [AS] How Many Worlds?
~~Richard K~~
Sat Aug 11th, 2007
In my opinion,
This depends on the background of your campaign.
Its very easy to have a full setting take place in one system (like
Multiple star systems have at times dozens of worlds to check out.
Also the speed of your FTL will refelect on how far your players go out of
their way to check things out.
I'd start small do 10 to 20 systems (you can import them into a larger
sector later) and see how your GM'ing skills maintain that ammount of
As for composing the Financial possibilities of each planet, wow, you might
want to check around the Internet for other GM's ideas and create an IPad
random generator on this
I've been creating a IPAD pro planet ecology generator based on the age of
the life on the planet, I've found more information and theories on
Dinosaurs and Oxygen levels (why things got so big at times and small in
others) If you want a copy of my current generator I'll send it to you
offlist.(but it still needs a lot more added to it.)
~~Richard K~~

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> In the early stages of creating a small universe as a setting for fun and
> fiction:
> How many worlds is enough?
> I don't want a traveler subsector, I want a place big enough there are
> always new worlds to conquer, but I want a reasonable upper limit. 500?
> 1000?
> Also: I think the physical aspects of a planet can be described as:
> Geology
> Meteorology
> (Oceanography?)
> Ecology (Will need subdivisions, but flora, fauna and other will not do.
> That's too earth-centric)
> Culture is going to be a problem. There are lots of ways to subdivide,
> and politics/government is going to be as important as technology, but all
> cultural aspects must be dynamic.
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