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Sat Aug 11th, 2007

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I don't want a traveler subsector, I want a place big enough there are
always new worlds to conquer, but I want a reasonable upper limit. 500?

Also: I think the physical aspects of a planet can be described as:
Ecology (Will need subdivisions, but flora, fauna and other will not do.
That's too earth-centric)

Culture is going to be a problem. There are lots of ways to subdivide, and
politics/government is going to be as important as technology, but all
cultural aspects must be dynamic.

Ok here is the reality I used for the Future Nexus Universe.

Humans may reproduce like rabbits but there is a limit

The setting starts in 3500... but in order for a colony to be viable, you
need 100,000 people... genetic diversity mostly. In order to get a colony ship
going, even for Earth, you need the equivalent GNP of at least generation for
the whole planet. You are talking of a huge investment.

That alone cuts down on how many colonies you can get going every so often

This means but between both human factions, you only have about 20 systems.
And those are systems that actually fit a certain range of biological needs,
or the resources are so high, that the costs of operating the human colony are
lower (Sirius comes to mind. It is essentially a bunch of asteroids)

I did quite a bit of readying before I sat down and created this world, and
NASA's JPL Page and Xenobiology page are an amazing resource.

Oh and for the Alien Species, I have the same biological imperatives, and
some of them have been slower in conquering the stars, mostly due to social

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