Re: [nbos] [FWE][FM8]Geology in the Fractal World
"Mike Oliver"
Thu Aug 9th, 2007
Hi Nadin:

I just told Heather I hadn't seen a reply from you about self-help and
here you are with said reply. She has suggested a Yahoo or Google group
to allow the facilities for uploading files. I think, out of respect to
NBOS, we ought to continue any postings about this off-line.


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Maybe the three of us (and anyone else interested) might form a
self-help group. Not on this list, of course but, as we're all newbies
with Vue, we might get some benefit from the occasional exchange and


Mike <> <>

That could be a good idea

Anyhow here is the link to the handbook

The cover was generated on Vue... and I think the preview also has some
art generated in vue

(On a general note, the NBOS map is way in the back)
<> &it=1


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