Re: [nbos] Well on a general note, Astro runs on vista
Wed Aug 8th, 2007
Who says fantasy and Sci-Fi don't mix? I will remind you of an old
axiom: Any technology, sufficiently advanced becomes
indistinguishable from magic. And: One man's magic is another man's
science. (I"m working on a couple of novels based on this concept.)


> I have not done any extensive play with astro yet, it just goes on...
> But somehow I suspect I will have to in the next few days for the novel
> bible I am writing... what does fantasy have to do with sci fi? Not much
> really
> <grin> but I am going to try a crazy use for this... a sector that will have
> only the two systems that are attached by a portal... crazy, you betcha.
> Then add some of the alien sky some of our heroes would be exposed to, so
> that will be an interesting use
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