Re: [nbos] [FWE][FM8]Geology in the Fractal World
Mon Aug 6th, 2007
I'll grab the free edition but the earliest practical for even the
cheapest of the others is going to probably be October... depending on
when my college money comes through and how much text books cost me
this go around. Though thanks for the link! If Mr. Slayton is
interested and would prefer to keep it business level, the account I'm
using as my business account is

Question on Vue, which version do you recommend getting for fantasy
world imaging/creation?

> Vue 6 was recently on special offer. From memory, E-On offered Vue 5 for
> free and then a VERY cheap upgrade to Vue 6 Easel. I owned Vue 3, so was
> keeping abreast of the development of the software, got V 5 and
> upgraded. I doubt they're doing things quite as cheaply now but, I just
> looked on their site and Vue 6 Easel is $89 to download. They also have
> something called the Personal Learning Edition on free download. Go to
> and follow the link.
> Cheers,
> Mike
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