Re: [nbos] [FM8] blogs, forums, email lists
Fri Aug 3rd, 2007
Heh! Didn't mean to stir up such flurry! :-)

For the record, I wasn't necessarily suggesting
abandoning the mailing list but like others, I do feel
that it's a far from ideal long term repository for
technical information and too hard to search
effectively due to it's inherent lack of structure.
Anyway, your milage may vary!

My point is that there is a forum, and it could be
useful if activiated and properly moderated.

It's true that you can't reply directly to an rss
feed, but the additional step of clicking the link to
take you to the relevant forum isn't particularly

Just as an aside, I was using dial-up bbs systems on
9600 baud modems for technical research 15 years ago,
so forums are hardly a Gen-internet thing! ;-)

Usenet communities were damn useful back in the day!

Anyway, maybe a Yahoo Group or equivalent would be a
good alternative. You can store stuff and it still
functions as a listserv.

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