Re: [nbos] [FM8] blogs, forums, email lists
"Larathiel the Death Elf"
Thu Aug 2nd, 2007
One nice thing about forums, blogs or a permanent "repository" that can be
accessed in a non-threaded format is that often times they have functions
that allow You to ignore people who try to incite flame-wars.

While the list-serv is handy for asking questions and getting answers, I've
tried searching the archives before and it was completely frustrating.
Furthermore, with other products (mostly 3D apps), I've been in positions
where *I* was the knowledgeable one writing answers. In my experience, on
subsequent inquiries for the same issue, it was easier to reply with a link
to a tutorial/explanation I'd already written than to keep re-inventing the

Being as there are already forums setup (albeit neglected), is there a good
reason why such instructions couldn't be posted in a how-to forum there with
a "stickied" post at the top containing a list of tutorials or answers that
have been posted in the past? Compared to typing out lengthy emails,
updating such an FAQ topic with a hyperlink to a newly posted answer would
take a moderator only a minute or two.

Then the list-serv could be better used to ask for particulars when someone
has detailed issues after going over the basics themselves.


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On 8/1/2007 5:45 PM, Scott McLachlan wrote:
> My biggest gripe about this list is that it is in such an unreadable
> format. I like the idea of the blog that got set up, because it is
> clear, clickable, linkable etc. But this email list is a bar-stud to
> read on my Yahoo mail.
> I'm also signed up to the CC3-CC3 list and when I see how easily
> readble/usable that is, I can't help but think that there has got to be
> a better way.
> Wiki, blog, forum or (new?) improved email list...I don't know which is
> best, but there's got to be someway of improving things.
> Why can't this list be laid out in the same or similar manner as the CC2
> list??

This list is perfectly readable, hell, it's in plan text. What better
format can there be?

Maybe try an email client designed to read email instead of designed to
push ads?
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