Re: [nbos] [FM8] blogs, forums, email lists
Thu Aug 2nd, 2007
It very well maybe. It's actually something I've seen associated more with
Outlook than with Yahoo. Have you checked your settings? Sometimes if you
set the mail client preferences to plain text it can clear up some of it (no
guarantee just worth a shot). I've seen it coming through Yahoogroups,
though usually only from people I know are replying through outlook or a
similar program. I know my G-mail hasn't been having too much trouble with
it. I don't currently have any mailing lists routed to other kinds of
e-mail accounts to run a set of tests setting that up will take a few days.
I've also noticed you have a New Zealand account, I'm not sure if that has
anything to do with it. I know I've had trouble e-mailing yahoo accounts in
Australia and Canada before (Mailer Deamons for no explicable reason... when
the 'reply' button works, but manually entering the identical address
doesn't.) It's been too wide spread for them all to be users playing e-mail
slight of hand. (As in every time I've tried a private e-mail to a address.)

General question to the populace: Is anyone else having this kind of
trouble? If so or if not, who is using which set of e-mail clients? maybe
we can narrow this down so at least you know who to bug. ;)


On 8/2/07, Scott McLachlan <> wrote:
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> I think maybe people misunderstand the problem.
> Maybe the problem is purely due to Yahoo. But I'm not convinced.
> I'll try to explain:
> As I look back at the replies and responses to my first email, I can't see
> any division or distinction between the original, the quotes, or the new
> responses.
> The "threads" are hard to follow on this, because the only reference to
> subject or title or who wrote the post, is all at the top of the list,
> making actually finding the relevant information within the
> list...frustrating. Not difficult, but frustrating. I have to scan through
> the whole thing to try and find the relevant FM8 post.
> My comparison is the CC2-CC3 list, which has the clickable links, and
> clearly sets out the quotes, the title/subject, and the author.
> is just the way Yahoo displays this????
> As for spam, I don't get spam in my Yahoo account. My Gmail account gets
> swamped and I use it only to collect the crap. I've had this email for
> years, and no complaints with it so far.
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