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Postby royb » Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:15 pm

On a side note. I just verified today that you can install and run the RPG City Map Generator on Windows 7 32 or 64 bit just fine. Just make sure you DO NOT install it into the Program Files folder, choose a different path.

Also I verified that the Importer still works just fine.

I have briefly looked into trying to fix the Importer to be region aware but I am unable to find a workable solution with VBScript alone.
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Re: RPG City Map Generator

Postby LaughingCoyote » Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:52 pm

I really like everything about the converter; but I cannot get the .sgs file to open or even open the 'RPGCG Import Settings' under the File menu in FM8... I get a dialog box that states, "Microsoft VBScript Runtime Error." I am (still) running Windows XP - I tried updating FM to 8.10 and made certain that I am running RPGCG 5.40... But still nothing. I tried looking at the scripts in notepad, but being strictly an end-user tier 2 help desk support technician, I didn't have much of a clue when I attempted to create an rpgcg.ini file by copy/paste/prayer method. I thought for one quick moment that if I could perhaps figure that out, and bypass the settings step (I would be delighted with default settings!) then it might allow me to open the .sgs file? (Admittedly, I may be way off-base with my theory, but as my trouble has nothing to do with computer hardware, I find myself in uncharted territory.) I bought FM8 a few years back at GenCon Indy (along with AstroSynthesis 2.0!) and I found swiftly that I am not very good at starting maps from scratch, but this RPGCG converter has given me new hope to finally leave behind my old AD&D Core Rules 2.0 Map Maker and get into a REAL mapping program. I just need a bit of help getting past the "Microsoft VBScript Runtime Error" every time I try to get into Settings or open .sgs files.

My humble thanks in advance for any and all help! Bright blessings! :D
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